Tips to Growing a Container Herb Gardens For the Ultimate Joy

For urban folks a container herb garden is the answer for those wanting to have fresh herbs within easy reach daily. However due to lack of space they are unable to avail of it. Persons who have to constantly change their addresses will find it easier to handle an indoor herbs garden. It is not necessary for them to start anew with a new set of herbs each time the shift; neither do they have to suffice with the alternative of dried herbs.

A pot herbs garden can flourish using pots made from plastic or terracotta. Use of terracotta is preferred. Some of the other containers may contain toxic compounds that will harm the plants in the urns.

The soil required for these herbs garden is not the same as the usual soil in the garden. The latter may be rich in nutrients but it also tends to get lumpy. This blocks the respiration of the roots in the container. Secondly, through this lumpy soil, water does not easily seep through. Thus special soil will enhance the beauty and fecundity of the container herb garden. Moist soil having hydrogel granules will eliminate the requirement of frequently watering the plants.

Seeds and germinated plants are the best for the urn herb gardens. Seeds require some time – nearly a month, before plants sprout. This delay might put off many from this hobby. Seedlings take nearly a week to grow. However some herbs like mint do not easily adapt to new soil. So for some kinds of herbs it is better to opt for seeds for the urn garden. Lavender however responds quickly and grows easily from seedlings.

The choice of what herbs will be planted for the urn herbs plot is entirely personal. For those who want some relief a pot full of lavender will add the right colour and smell. The gourmet cook will want pots full of basil, thyme or rosemary and even cilantro etc.

Having a container garden in the house is a great idea. It is a thrilling experience to pluck fresh herbs right out from the containers sitting on the kitchen and window sills. These can be popped on to the salad bowl or straight into the boiling pot for the added flavour.

Last but not least is the important fact that the super market herbs will never taste or smell as wonderful as the organic ones grown in the home container herb garden.